SYSTEC101 J Hooks with Angle Bracket – Heavy Duty Metal Cable


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J hook cable clips with angle brackets are sturdy and reliable cable and wire support hangers that offer an efficient solution for organizing cables and wires in various settings. Made of premium-quality metal, these hangers are durable, robust, and resistant to damage. These heavy-duty hangers are perfect for organizing cables and wires, reducing clutter, and ensuring a tidy and safe environment. It will make cable installs much easier with their versatility.


Heavy Duty Metal Cable & Wire Support

The j hook hangers with angle bracket are designed to provide sturdy support for heavy cables and wires. Made from premium quality metal, these hooks offer reliable support for all kinds of cables and wires. This provides plenty of hangers for all of your cable and wire management needs.


Perfect for Wall Mounting & Wire Management

These j hook beam clamps are ideal for wall mounting and wire management. With the included retainer clips, you can easily organize and secure your cables and wires, reducing clutter and ensuring a clean and secure your cables and wires in a professional and efficient manner.


Space-Saving Solution

These j hooks are designed to maximize space utilization by providing a vertical hanging solution. They are perfect for organizing tools, hoses, and other items etc. This means that they can safely support a wide range of cables and wires, including ethernet cables, power cords, and speaker wires.


Professional and Neat Appearance

J hooks provide a clean and organized look to your space. The swivel feature allows you to adjust the angle of the hook to achieve a professional and neat appearance, making them ideal for commercial or industrial settings. The swivel design also makes them ideal for use in any situation.


1-5/16 inch (Pack of 50), 2 inch (Pack of 50), 3/4 inch (Pack of 50), 4 inch (Pack of 25)


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