Cat8 1000ft Plenum STP Pure Copper, 40GB Cable, 22 AWG Blue



Experience the next generation of networking with Cat8 bulk cable from SYSTEC101.

This cable enables 40-Gigabit data transmission over a 4-connector twisted-pair copper cable, allowing connection distances of up to 30 meters. It also proposes a new measurement for Power-Sum Alien Crosstalk to 2000 MHz. Alien Crosstalk is a coupled signal in a disturbed pair arising from a signal in a neighboring cable.



  • Cat8
  • BLUE
  • Solid Cable 22 AWG BARE COPPER Conductors
  • 2000 MHz
  • Shielded twisted pair (STP) cable
  • Overall Tin-Copper Braiding
  • CM rated Plenum Rated Jacket
  • Supplied on 1000´ wooden spools



Additional information

Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 13 in


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