Hello, we are SYSTEC101®

For the past 5+ years, SYSTEC101 has been a trusted IT Service Provider to many businesses and organizations throughout the USA. Since the inception of our firm, we have built everlasting relationships with customers by making them a priority and offering them the best IT Support available and meeting their every needs. It is only with hard work and dedication that this could be achieved, and we are fortunate to grow and continuously develop our company by introducing new business models and building our very own trademarked brand: SYSTEC101.

Network Cables

We have our very own SYSTEC101 Network Cables, ranging from Category 5e to the brand new SYSTEC101 Category 7 Plenum cables.

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We will plan, implement and support your technology so you can focus on what you do best.


You break it. We fix it. Repairs, upgrades, installation of systems, components, peripheral equipment, networking, or software. Our Break-Fix Service is designed to address your customers’ needs within two hours, and for more complex problems, within 24 hours. We provide expert technical resources, day or night, whenever needed and on demand.

Wired and wireless network setup

Whether you are in need of a wired or wireless network setup, we are here for you. Just let us know your preference and we’ll send one of our qualified Systec101 technicians out to provide full service wiring for your existing space or for any type of new construction and complete network installations.

Structured Cabling

From structured cabling to wireless solutions, we specialize in installation of new construction or upgrade to a more resilient system for security, voice, data, networking and audio visual systems.

Cable or Fiber – which one is better?

Unlike cable, where data travels through a coax cable, a fiber optic cable contains glass or plastic fibers. Instead of electricity, they transmit light, so your data is contained within that light. How does this process work? Total internal reflection.

Still not sure which one to use?

The answer is plain and simple: FIBER. It sends data faster and it is better suited for long distance communication, for example. Remember how your internet goes down during a power outage? This is less likely to happen with fiber, because they are made of glass or plastic and therefore won’t suffer as much from power line or equipment interferences.

Switch to fiber today & call us!

Our technicians are qualified fiber-optics specialists with the proper knowledge and equipment to set you up with faster and more reliable optical fiber services. These services include:

  • active fiber splicing
  • fiber optic reel testing
  • network monitoring
  • sheath monitoring equipment installations
  • network acceptance testing
  • fiber optic fusion splicing


Without IT infrastructure, any business will struggle to move and share data in an efficient way, in turn affecting the workplace process. Our formula includes:

  • Server, desktop, backup, security
  • Computer hardware platform
  • Operating system platforms
  • Enterprise and other software applications
  • Data management and storage
  • Networking and telecommunications platform
  • Internet platform
  • Consulting and system integration services

We will analyze and access your organization’s goals, make design and architectural decisions, construct and implement design, and develop and retain the infrastructure.